Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Meet Tasneem bt Taha

Tasneem is a first-year medical student at USM, with keen interest in the history of medicine. She came to see me after I took the first lecture for year 1 medicine, History of Medicine. She said she was interested in the subject. I met her another time when she came to my room to ask for a book I had mentioned in my lecture. I had forgotten but she remembered. That was some time ago. Today, she came back to discuss the time-table. After that I asked her if she is the same person who came to see me after class after my first lecture and later to see about a book. Yes, it is the same girl except that I can't recall her face. So today, Tasneem received my 2 books on The Early Malay Doctors. This week is still exam week. I hope she will have some time during the GE13 holiday to read my books.

Tasneem is both American as well as Malaysian. Her father is from Connecticut, USA and her mother is from Pahang. Her father studied Arabic language in Saudi Arabia and now teaches Arabic language in Kubang Kerian. She is the second of 9 siblings. Her elder brother is studying chemical engineering.


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Prof.,
Ini cerita mengenai ayahnya.
Haji Zul Tiger

Prof Faridah said...

Wa'alaikumussalam Haji Zul Tiger,
TQVM for the link.