Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Moral and Ethical Issues in HRD

IKD Monograph Series:

Moral and Ethical Issues in Human Resource Development: Old Problems and New Challenges
- by Prof. Mohd. Kamal Hassan

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Commercial crimes
The BMF scandal involved $2billion (NST 15 March 1989)
Unethical practices of professionals
Temptations of power
Integrating religious faith into existing systems
Developing moral integrity
Questioning the ethical values of the management (Tan Sri Ishak bin Tadin, Auditor General of Malaysia)
Multi-racial and multi-religious society
MMA paper on medical ethics, problems and prospects: problems of negligence, incompetence and unscrupulous tactics; less concerned about preventive medicine, access to healthcare and quality of care; less compassionate but more money-minded.
Unethical practices in public service: bribery, conflict of interest, favours, abuses, etc
Forms of corruption
Spiritual reform and developing into a model nation
Islamization of concepts at the workplace
The Islamic manager
The Secular Model vs The Islamic Model for Human Development
Citations from the Quran (Appendix)