Thursday, 4 April 2013


I had interviewed the late Tan Sri Dr Abdul Majid bin Ismail on 11 May 2007 for his life story to write his biography. It was Tan Sri Dr Abdul Majid who informed me about the jebak which he used to catch birds when he was a young boy. Even though Tan Sri Dr Abdul Majid has passed on, I still remember the jebak story he told me about at the interview, which I have included in his biography. He tried his very best to describe the jebak but I still didn't know what it looked like.

I saw the jebak for the first time when I visited Muzium Islam Kelantan on 30 March 2013. It is a bird trap made from bamboo pieces strung together to make a cage. Another piece forms the front gate for the bird trap. Two big metal rings hold the gate trap to the cage. A narrow white plastic water bottle is fixed near the entrance to the jebak. Please read about the jebak in Tan Sri Dr Abdul Majid's biography.