Friday, 29 March 2013

Imam Masjid Semabok

Masjid Semabok is an old mosque in Malacca. The imam there once was Cikgu Yusof bin Buntal. He left Malacca for his Hajj in Makkah on 10 June 1954 (about 2 months before the Hajj). Imam Yusof was the Qadhi for several Malay marriages which he conducted at Masjid Semabok. Some of the Malay couples have migrated to Western Australia and I met some of the couples while doing my PhD at UWA in 1986-89. They still remembered Imam Pak Ji Usop which was his call name. I don't have the date when Imam Yusof passed away. Will ask my Malacca cousins.

These photos below were taken by my father after the Japanese war, after he returned to Malacca from Kirkby, England, and before he got married. They were retrieved from his collection of printed photos. Other photos of Imam Yusof's family (mainly his children) are in my Facebook.

Cikgu Yusof standing in the anjung of his small wooden Malay house in Semabok, and facing the villagers who came to see him at home before he left for Makkah.
A young Cikgu Yusof bin Buntal, Imam of Masjid Semabok in Malacca, before he went for Hajj.
My father's handwritten notes on the back of Cikgu Yusof's photo. Cikgu Yusof was my father's elder brother-in-law and mentor, after his own father had passed away.

Hijrah calendar. The Hajj was 7-11 August 1954.