Friday, 29 March 2013

Dr Abdul Aziz bin Omar

Here is some update for Dr Abdul Aziz bin Omar, an early Malay doctor.

I have managed to trace and contact his eldest son's family in KL. I have sent a copy of my book Biography of the Early Malay Doctors to one of his granddaughter, Idora bt Abdul Rashid. Idora will get her father, Abdul Rahsid bin Abdul Aziz, to check his father's biography which I have written before I knew the family and had any family contact.

There is a younger daughter, Rashidah bt Abdul Aziz who lives in the family home in Telipot in Kelantan. I have the address as provided by Idora's mother but I haven't had the time to visit the house. I will wait till I get corrections from Idora's parents and then try and make a visit to Telipot and also to KL to meet with Idora and her parents. Idora has not met her grandfather as he passed away before she was born.

A reader also wrote comments about Dr Abdul Aziz bin Omar's Penang relatives somewhere in this blog.

I hope to be able to correct and edit the biography of Dr Abdul Aziz bin Omar and also insert better photos once I get them in from his son and family, insyaAllah.

Please write to me if you know Dr Abdul Aziz bin Omar or know him.