Sunday, 13 January 2013

Xlibris Videos

Here are some Xlibris videos & tutorials on YouTube:

Top 5 submission mistakes
Publishing videos

What I have learned from the videos:
  1. Some stories/books are good to make videos for them
  2. There are very few good videos that are captivating
  3. Some objects/elements/silhouettes are used repeatedly in many different videos
  4. Commonly used pic/silhouettes are girl leaving home, lovers running uphill, lovers running down a street, a little girl walks in the fog holding hands with an adult, girl in prayer, leaves moving as the wind blows on trees and sun's rays coming through to reach the ground, the universe, starburst, stardust, the stars, etc
  5. The video portrays a real human whereas the book cover depicts a cartoon; which is true?
  6. Some videos have very good graphics & photos
  7. Some subtitles/text are blur and were difficult to read fast
  8. Some fonts are not popular and it was difficult to make out the words
  9. Professional narrations have good diction and American English is used. They are lively and nice to listen to
  10. Sometimes the title seems to portray a white man's story but the photos are of black people; which is correct?
  11. Most authors spoke in a sad voice or tone; I got very upset after listening to them. Some choked towards the end of their narrations. Didn't they audition first?
  12. A few authors sat in the same brown leather chair. Was it a studio or the authors' homes?
  13. Most authors are elderly
  14. There are some good and useful titles for university students to read
  15. There were many stories of the past, memories of pain and suffering, memories of death of a loved one, memories of adoption, memories of child abuse, etc
  16. Nobody wrote about kings except there was one about a lost kingdom which featured, probably the US war on Afghanistan or Iraq.
  17. The illustrations & photo quality are quite poor for some videos. Is it the original photo quality used or was it done on purpose to create a scene of the past?
  18. The last slide shows where to buy the book online; sometimes the lines are read
  19. Video clips are either 30 sec or 60 sec, with or without narration. Narration is either the author's voice or that of a professional narrator
My concerns:
  1. If I decide to make a video for each of my books, will my videos resemble any of the present videos? Will any element from past videos be used in my video clips? What background music is suitable for each of my books? Are these background music copyrighted or are they from public domain and free to use? How do I select the music I want?
  2. What impact will videos have on potential buyers? Will potential buyers buy after all?
  3. Is there a possibility of making a great impressive expensive video but getting no sales?