Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Plan 2013

I may/may not travel to Perth in January 2013. In South Como, Perth I may get to meet Kak Rahimah, Megat Khas's adopted daughter. I don't know her address or contact. In Mandurah, I hope to meet Daisy Yvette, Dr Che Lah's youngest daughter. I don't know whether I will get to meet Anwar Ibrahim, Dr Mohamed Ibrahim's second or middle son. I will also drop a copy of my books at the Reid Library in University of Western Australia, my alma mater. I may drop by WAIMR (Western Australia Institute of Medical Research) and Royal Perth Hospital, to meet some old friends.

I also need some photos of Adelaide University Medical School for Dr Ruby's biogrpahy.

I also need some photos of Melbourne University Dental School for Dr Nuruddin Mohd Salleh's biography.

I have to be back in Kelantan as I have lectures on 7 January 2013 onward.

I may travel to the Middle East in March 2013 to get stories from that region for another book I plan to write and which I teach a class in first year medicine.

I may travel to Spain and Morocco. I have read about the nuts, oils and life there. I've seen documentaries of the oils and life there.

Great Britain
I may go up north to Great Britain to photo shoot institutions in London, especially the hospitals and the LSHTM (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine). I asked around but nobody could supply good photos of the LSHTM.

I have to draft my manuscript before I travel. That way I don't waste time during my travel.

So that is my plan wrt my books and my travels for 2013.