Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Doa Ibubapa

Another theme that I blended into my writing for Biography of the Early Malay Doctors was the respect and prayer we must accord to our parents. For this I have included information about the parents of each doctor (where possible). That way you can see how parents brought up their children to become our early Malay doctors. From the accounts I wrote in the book, almost all the doctors had a hard life but they persevered and made it. Shouldn't they be grateful to their parents? The same with us today, we should be grateful to our parents for everything they have tried to do and have done for us.

This is the prayer for parents. I found it in Ustaz Don Daniyal's Facebook:

Ustaz Don Daniyal:

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Jom Aminkan doa ni... :)

"Ya Allah, Ampunilah bagiku segala dosaku dan juga dosa kedua ibu bapaku dan kasihanilah mereka keduanya sebagaimana mereka memelihara dan mendidikku di masa kecil."

This is the same prayer that my eldest daughter made which attracted me and I used it for class lectures.