Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Malay House

While Affandi was talking to some villagers of Lorong Gajah Mati, I searched the area. I came across an interesting building. I went back to asked the villagers about the building. A boy said that it was the house of Wae Deng (Wan Din) who was a skilled house builder. I asked the boy where was he. The boy replied he died long ago. The house seemed vacant. I took some shots to show you what a Malay house looks like on the exterior. I can't tell which was the front and back. You decide.

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Amirul said...

Di Manjung, Perak ada beberapa buah rumah Melayu lama tetapi sangat terlindung dan tidak banyak yang tahu. Ia berada di tepi pantai tetapi sudah saya lupa di pantai mana.

Prof Faridah said...

Terima kasih untuk makluman ini, Amirul.