Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Banjir 2012

It is the monsoon season now. It rained for a week and stopped today on 25 December 2012. My husband and I went about to see the flooded areas in Pasir Tumboh, Kg Mentuan, Binjai and Kota Bharu.

In Pasir Tumboh, the area by the bridge was flooded and villagers used boats to get around. This year the boats were better and looked stronger. There were only a few cars parked by the roadside, indicating the outsiders (working children of the villagers) have long left the area.

In Kg Mentuan, water filled the low lying areas (possibly old abandoned paddy fields). We went to see my husband's brother's house in the area. The flood water had subsided but there was still a large patch of water-logged area of the road that led to his house which is sited in a clearing at the edge of the forest.

In Binjai, the huts for the daily market by the main road were all submerged. A few kids could be seen playing in the water. There was a bunch of kids playing water football. Domesticated animals (cows) were up on the verge.

In Kota Bharu, the roads were clean after the heavy rain. Traffic jams formed in all roads and at all intersections. People went about on foot to obtain food. Sg Kelantan swelled to almost maximum but did not  flood Kota Bharu. The roads were not flooded. High concrete embankment slabs lined the entire water's edge. Residents said they could not view the river anymore. The rainwater that was trapped between the concrete slabs and land appeared much like air teh tarik (I use this analogy for lipaemia for my class lectures). I saw a well at the water's edge.

Pasir Tumboh
Banjir December 2012/January 2013 was rather queer. It rained heavily beginning 15 December 2012 for 3 weeks till 3 January 2013. Then it didn't rain on Friday, 4 January 2013 for 4 days. The sun shone bright for 4 days and all the flood water dried up. Even the flood water next to Pasir Tumboh bridge dried up except for a few areas where the flood water could still be seen and muddy tracks led to the wooden houses on stilts. Heat was intense and I suffered a headache after walking in the hot weather. Then it rained for a second time on 9 January 2013 but with weaker force. It only rained for a brief while in the afternoon when the schoolchildren had completed school. The children walked home in the light rain, not carrying any umbrella. They probably thought the rain was gone for good and were caught unprepared and without umbrellas.