Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Biography of TEMD, paperback edition

Biography of TEMD
The order for paperback arrived today at lunch time, 11 December 2012, at 1.30 pm. Altogether 164 copies were received in 21 boxes (20 boxes of 8 books + 1 box of 4 books). These boxes traveled from Lightning Source, Milton Keynes in UK via Air Asia cargo to Subang Airport, Malaysia and onward to Kota Bharu, Kelantan. DHL handled the customs security check at the airport. 5 boxes were opened for checking and then resealed. One box was ripped opened at the side fold but the books were safe inside (none was damaged). The boxes were meant to travel from Subang Airport to the Kuantan HQ but they detoured direct to Kota Bharu. Thus, I received the 21 boxes today instead of 5 days time. Content Distributors only informed me late last night 11 December 2012, about 1.30 am, that it had shipped my books. So I am a bit shocked that the books arrived earlier than I thought.

The official DHL van broke down and is not repaired so this delivery man uses his own 4WD.

That's 21 boxes of my books, direct from the airport in Pengkalan Chepa. DHL cannot store any of the goods.
Downloading during lunch time. Altogether 21 boxes of books

Book Distribution
Now the work is distribution. How do I distribute my books? Please read my next post.

He's happy to hold my books (hardcover and paperback) for this pic. He carries them from the parking lot in the basement to half way to my office. And he carries them back to the car if he cannot find the person to deliver to (as in this pic).

Complimentary copies
Complimentary copies are meant for the main contributors, one per biography.
That's how I pack each book for sending as free complimentary copy to each contributor by PosLaju. Each paperback edition costs AUD39.99, weighs 1.370 kg and costs me RM11.25 to send. I do that for the elderly ones first, and then the younger contributors next week. I do that till I run out of copies to send. Then I need to find a new printer and print some more copies. These books are printed in Great Britain.

Institutions, libraries and lecturers who are teaching History of Medicine can write to Xlibris and ask there for complimentary copies.