Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Boxbe Ends


To all TEMD readers,

Boxbe has sent notice that it will end the Boxbe service. I will therefore remove my Boxbe email at all my blogs. You can write to me in the Blogger Comments under each post or in my Facebook.

Prof Faridah


Special Announcement
Saying 'good-bye' to your @Boxbe.com address

As new features are implemented, certain offerings need to be sunsetted. The PFA/Public Email Address is one of those offerings we are now letting go.
If you use an @boxbe.com address (like randy@boxbe.com), please be aware that this service will be discontinued, within the coming 2 weeks, and is already no longer be offered to new Boxbe members.
We are notifying our members to give you time to re-route your email to another address, if you are currently using the “@boxbe.com” address ID to send to your contacts and/or receive email.
Boxbe now fully integrates with Gmail, AOL Mail, Google Apps, and Yahoo! Mail (plus others like ymail, verizon, pacbell, sbcglobal, yahoo.cayahoo.co.uk, etc.).  We highly recommend using one of Boxbe's integrated services in order to continue leveraging the power of Boxbe service’s with your email account policy screening and customized guest list.
Like with the latest addition to our service Automatic Cleanup, we plan on continuously improving our integrated services and furthering our goal of helping to manage inboxes the way you want them to be.
Thank you for your continued use and support of Boxbe!
Please write to support@boxbe.com if you require any assistance for any Boxbe service issues.