Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Makam Datuk Jenaton & Makam Datuk Setia

Yesterday was my second visit but first successful visit to Makam Datuk Jenaton. I didn't have time to write about it as I did my father's biography last night till 2 am. My head still feels groggy and migraine seems to build up this morning. Today is my youngest daughter's 13th birhday - I promised to take her shopping, but it looks like that has to be put on hold.

Persiaran Minden
Persiaran Minden 1
Blue gates of the graveyard
TNB power shack
Grass footpath beyond the blue gates
Walk down to the graves
View of 9 graves and layout. The 10th grave is behind the cameraman, to the right in this pic.
Makam Datuk Jenaton is one of the 3 long graves and with brick  frame.
Plaque of Datuk Jenaton's headstone. Qiblat is to the right.
I'm standing at Datuk Jenaton's headstone.
I'm looking at the other (foot) stone of the same grave, and trying to absorb  the length of this long grave.
The wind suddenly blew strongly on the leaves of one tree to my left and I looked up. It felt like something descended or went up. I quickly held up my hands to read Al-Fatihah. The wind died down and I moved away.
Affandi reading doa at Makam Datuk Jenaton
3 long graves
This enclosure is the grave of Datuk Setia
Plaque of Datuk Setia's grave enclosure
Datuk Setia's plaque
View of Persiaran Minden 1 from the graves
My husband Affandi (54) and youngest daughter Yusrina (13). These souls are very supportive of my work all these years. She was in my womb and then on my lap when I started research on The Early Malay Doctors. Now she is a big girl. She knows about the places I visited and the people I interviewed, and practically a lot more about my research than anyone else, after her father. She reads my Facebook and blogs. She will become like me, insyaAllah.
He locks the gate in good faith. InsyaAllah we will all return here. 
 To Allah SWT we all belong and to Him we will return.
Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiuun.

I have to get some sleep now and we will be heading home to Kelantan this afternoon. My head is spinning from lack of sleep. I will edit later when I can see what I typed.