Saturday, 12 May 2012

Dr Lim Ju Boo

I received a comment from Dr Lim Ju Boo on 10 May 2012. It disappeared from my Boxbe holding box. When I clicked Moderate for blog, it vanished. I had copied it to Notepad just in case and that was all I had to work on. I Googled him on 11-12 May 2012. This is what I have on him. He is a man of many talents, and a highly dedicated person. I feel a lot of regret not knowing him from the beginning of the research on the early Malay doctors. He has a lot of answers to some of my queries earlier. I don't have his email yet. He was previously with IMR.

Dr Lim Ju Boo

Scientific Logic

estidotmy, Utusan Malaysia, Rabu, 3 April 2002, Edisi Ketiga, muka 8

Syarahan Umum: "A Career as A Food Scientist. What to Expect"
(16 Mei 2007) - Dr Lim Ju Boo
Pusat Sains Negara

Nutritional Status In A Rural Estate Community
N Kandiah & Lim Ju Boo, Rural Health Research Division, Institute for Medical Research, Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur

25 years Promoting Nutrition For Life
An Unwavering Commitment, 1992

Mangosteen adds colour to your health

Is Beta-Thalassemia Minor a health hazard to an airline pilot?
Flying - Dr JB Lim's Corner
Thursday, 06 December 2007 18:47

Airline pilot - a very responsible and noble profession - a medical scientist's insight.
Flying - Profession
Tuesday, 08 January 2008 19:21

Food For Thought - Lau Tai Onn
(also has very nice bkgr music)

Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Kolkata, India


Abdul Hamid Hussin said...

The little things that I know of Dr.Lim Ju Boo: Hailed from Jelebu,Negeri Sembilan, a schoolmate of Dato'Seri Rais Yatim;Used to be the Director of Hospital,Kuala Lumpur and State Health Director of Kedah and Perak

Lau Tai Onn said...

I think the above comment is incorrect in that Dr Lim Ju Boo is not hailed from Jelebu, N.S. He is hailed from Batu Pahat, Johor.
He is highly respected by many of his e-buddies, including me, a blogger who has the privilege to post many of his profound articles.

Lau Tai Onn said...

Pardon me for my English grammatical error. It should be "Dr Lim Ju Boo does not hail from Jelebu..He hails from Batu Pahat".
Dr Lim has mentioned this blog to me and hence my discovery of the same.
Thanks for including my "Food for Thought" blog which actually is a collection of various interesting articles or information for the purpose of sharing with any readers of the cyberspace.