Monday, 21 November 2011

Malay Regiment

Regimen Askar Melayu Diraja (RAMD)

I have to write something on the Malay Regiment. As I was growing up, my late father reminded me to always remember and honour the Malay Regiment. That time I was just a little girl with absolutely no knowledge of war and nothing about soldiers, never mind the Malay Regiment, even my dad was not in the army. So why bother?

As I grew up, I heard and followed news about the Malay Regiment, just out of curiosity. They were always at Istana Negara and any padang parades, in white baju Melayu, kain sampin hijau and songkok, with a rifle each. There is nothing spectacular I can recall from my 53 years of living, till I read this website today: Malay Regiment

Now I know how fierce a battle the Malay Regiment had fought, especially those soldiers of C Company (C Coy) who fought at Pasir Panjang in Singapore, the last battlefront before both Singapore and Malaya finally fell to the Japanese on 14 February 1942. C Coy was led by a brave Lt Adnan Saidi who died in action - he died a martyr and a hero, mati syahid. More on the capitulation of Singapore at Total War Center (forum)

I have goosebumps just trying to write on him. He must be so brave to stay put, knowing very well death was the only option. Please read about him and the last moments of his life and how they brutally mutilated his corpse and in the end burned him! This is the most brutal of war savagery I have ever heard. Memang dia orang kerjakan dia gila habis. Dendam kesumat!

History of the Malay Regiment and its initial set up is here: Syarak Mengata, Adat Menurut

The  Royal Malay Regiment was formed in Port Dickson on 1 March 1933.
Source: The Straits Times, 12 March 1962, page 5. "Royal Malay Regiment marks 29th birthday."