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Mubin Sheppard (1905-1994)

Mubin Sheppard (1905-1994)
Tan Sri Dato' Dr Haji Abdul Mubin (Mervyn) Cecil ffranck Sheppard (M.C.ff. Sheppard), PSM, JMN, PPT, CMG, MBE, OStJ, ED (1905-11 September 1994)

Tan Sri Mubin Sheppard was born on 21 June 1905 in Kent, England. 

Educated: Marlborough College, Magdalene College Cambridge (BA Hon History)
In 1927 he sat for the Malayan Civil Service (MCS) Competitive Examination in London.

Joined Malayan Civil Service (MCS) 1928.

He arrived in Malaya in 1928 and served in the Federated Malay States (FMS). He worked his entire life in Malaya till he died. He was buried at the Muslim cemetery in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

First Director of Public Relations 1946-47;
British Adviser, Negeri Sembilan 1951-56;

Head, Emergency Food Denial Organisation 1956-61;
First Keeper of Public Records 1957-61
Director of Museum, Federation of Malaya (FoM) 1958-63;
Retired 1964;
Made a Tan Sri on 31 August 1969;

TEMD Research: I noticed Mubin Sheppard had helped 2 of the early Malay doctors - Datuk Dr Haji Abbas bin Haji Alias (Perak) and Dr Mohamed Said bin Mohamed (Negeri Sembilan).

His brief CV is as follows:
  1. MCS Malaya 1928-1963
  2. Company Commander FMS 
  3. FMS Volunteer Force (FMSVF) during the war from 1941-42
  4. Prisoner of War (POW) 1942-45 
  5. He retired as a Major in the FMSVF in 1945 (war ended)
Of the Japanese war and the fierce battle by the Malay Regiment at Pasir Panjang, Bukit Chandu, 31K Pepys Road, before the final capitulation of Singapore, Tan Sri Dato’ Mubin Sheppard, an ex-officer and former POW, had this to say of his friend and troop leader of C Company (C Coy), the late Lieutenant Adnan Saidi: 

"He was heavily outnumbered by the Japanese…they bombed him but he fought on fiercely and inflicted heavy losses on them…. Adnan would have never surrendered under any circumstances. He was absolutely dedicated. In fact, just before fighting, he adopted a motto for his platoon, ‘Biar putih tulang, jangan putih mata’ - death before dishonour." More on Lt Adnan Saidi and the Malay Regiment

Tan Sri Mubin Sheppard was a historian of Malay culture and heritage. He wrote many books:
  1. Tunku Abdul Rahman; Father of Independence (1957–1970) 
  2. Taman Budiman: Memoirs of an unorthodox civil servant
  3. Singapore 150 Years. 1982. ISBN 9971-65-092-4
  4. The Adventures of Hang Tuah. 1984
  5. The Malay Regiment 1933-1947
  6. His other books
  7. Historic Malaya 
  8. Malay Courtesy 
  9. Mayong stories 
  10. Tun Perak
Joint author: Malayan Orders and Decorations

Recreation: Historical and Cultural Research

Founder Federal Arts Council;
Vice-President Malaysian Branch, Royal Asiatic Society
Editor Malayan History Society; Trustee National Art Gallery
See: Muzium Negara

The Who's Who in Malaysia 1971-1972

entry by Ahmad Rizal b. Ali

entry by Ahmad Rizal b. Ali

This family photograph was taken in 1957, together with the late Tan Sri Mubin Sheppard (2nd from left), when he visited my late great grandfather, A. Bakar bin Mohd Amin (2nd from right). The late Tan Sri was a former British Adviser (BA) and my late great grandfather, worked under him as chief clerk in the Kemaman District Office, Terengganu.

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The Who's Who in Malaysia 1971-1972


Anonymous said...

Mubin Shepherd was my neighbor in Petaling Jaya for many years until his death. After he passed away, Tan Sri Syed Nasir lived there, followed by the religious advisor to Sultan Selangor and now the house has been renovated and bought over by an Indian family. Theres a Ganesh statue in the garden...wonder what uncle Mubin would have thought of that.