Monday, 5 May 2014

Book: Jejak Risalah Di Nusantara V

Almost everyone is trying to do something involving history. Why? History was once a boring subject taught in secondary schools. Islamic history was taught as part of religious class. Now with so many wars and territorial claims, land rights, human rights, customs, and trying to fit in somewhere, people are turning to history. 

What happened in history is interesting, but without good evidence, history remains a mystery. The Americans write their own history. The Chinese write their own history. The Indians write their own history. The Blacks write their own history. 

What about the Malays? Who is writing history of the Malays? Though the Malay lands were colonised, still the Malays must write their own history. Today, there are a number of reliable books on Malay history. A new book which sold out is about the war in Aceh and a Dutch spy - Jejak Risalah Di Nusantara V by Hafidzi Mohd Noor.