Saturday, 1 February 2014

Descendants of Tok Nadhok @ Datuk Keramat

Tok Nadhok's daughter is Sona Bee. Sona Bee's daughter is Siti Kalthum.

Siti Kalthum's eldest son is Aladdin Merican Noordin. At the time her husband was Mashurdin Merican Noordin (MM Noordin).

From Ayah Wan Merican Noordin in Facebook (May 2014): Aladdin Merican Noordin adalah anak sulong Siti Kalthum. Semasa itu, suaminya adalah Mashurdin Merican Noordin (MM Noordin)

1. The Merican doctors' families

The Merican family includes an early Malay doctor, Dr Ali bin Othman Merican (Dr AO Merican) and his 2 doctor sons - Dr Carleel Merican and his half-brother Dr Ezanee Merican. All 3 Merican doctors moved from Penang to work in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Dr AO Merican passed away and is buried at the royal graves at Langgar in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Dr Carleel Merican passed away in Malacca. Dr Ezanee Merican passed away in PJ and is interred at Sg Buloh.

2. Wan Nordin Merican families

There are 12 siblings. Datin Hajjah Wan Norsiha bt Wan Nordin, Ayah Wan Merican Noordin, and his siblings are descended from Tok Nadhok. Datin's daughter is Dina Sujak in Facebook.

3. Malek Alhabshi

He owns Ben's Antique Toy Museum in front of Masjd Melayu Aceh in Penang.

4. Dr Che Lah's families

Ayah Wan Merican Noordin called on 31 January 2014 (CNY). He said he found the family tree of my mother. According to him, my mother was descended from Tok Nadhok @ Datuk Keramat of Jalan Perak in Penang. My mother's father is Dr Che Lah bin Md Joonos, an early Malay doctor from Kg Dodol in Jalan Perak. Dr Che Lah and wife are interred at the graves of Masjid Sg Gelugor.

5. Pak Zan's families

Arwah Pak Zan (suami arwah Bikwa) and his children are NOT descended from Tok Nadhok.

6. Zanariah's family

Zanariah Ahmad (cousin of Ayah Wan Merican Noordin and Baizura) is NOT the descendant of Tok Nadhok.