Monday, 15 July 2013

Virus-hit Saudi Arabia asks pilgrims to wear masks
Saudi Arabia says "wear masks" but USM research says otherwise.

USM 2010 Research Findings:
Our findings showed that wearing facemasks was significantly associated with specific respiratory symptoms, ie, sore throat. It also showed that wearing facemask was associated with prolonged duration of sore throat and fever. This was against the findings of study by AlMudmeigh et al. (2003) which stated the facemasks were the most important practical protective factor.[15] Usual paper and surgical facemasks were not known to provide complete protection from influenza infection. Facemasks are not designed to protect against breathing in very small particles and should be used only once.[27] The hajj pilgrims tend to reuse the facemasks or not follow the proper guidelines using facemasks for optimum protection.