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Piggy ka roomah pasong ... Tuan/Mem punya suka

Rates of Hire for Private and Hackney Carriages, WITH Tables of Distances.

PRIVATE Carriages may be hired from the following Livery Stables: —

F. Clarke & Co., Hill Street.
A. Holley (Lambert Brothers), Orchard Road.
The Straits Horse Repository and Livery Stables — (H. Abrams), comer of North Bridge and Brass Bassa Roads.

The charge for a carriage and pair is $5 per day; for a carriage with one horse $3 per day; there being an extra charge, in both cases, if the carriage is used after 7 p.m.

For more than one day the charges are as follows: —

Carriage and Carriage and pair. one horse.
One month or more, per day 33.00 . . . $2.50
Half month, per day ... 3.50 ... 2.00
One week (7 days), per day 4.00 ... 3.00
Saddle horses can be hired at $2 per day.
[N.B. — These charges are approximate.]

Hackney Carriages may be hired at the following rates (2nd class carriages): —
$ c.
For any distance not exceeding half-a-mile 15*
For any distance, exceeding half-a-mile but not exceeding a mile ... ... 20
For every additional mile or part of a mile 10
* For 3rd class carriages, the rate is 5 cents less. Every gharry baa its charge is clearly marked on the doors.

Rates of Hire for Carriages. 83

Additional Fares: — $ c.

If the carriage is discharged at a distance from the Central Police Station exceeding 2 miles, but not exceeding 3, there must be paid an additional fare of ... 10

If it is discharged at a distance exceeding 3 miles, but not exceeding 4, the additional fare is ... ... ... 20

If the carriage is used between the hours of 8 p.m. and 5 a.m., half the above fares are charged in addition.

Time Rates: —

Any hirer shall be at liberty to engage a carriage for a whole day, and to require the driver to drive any distance not exceeding 10 miles to any place or places within a radius of 4 miles from the Central Police Station, paying for the same ... ... ... ... 1 25*

No driver shall be required to drive a greater distance than 10 miles in any one day, or to remain engaged for more than 8 hours at a time; and no driver shall be entitled to claim as payment for any distance driven or any time during which he may be detained in one day more than ... ... ... ... 1 50*

For every hour or part of an hour during which any carriage may be detained beyond the first half hour of detention, an additional charge is made of ... 10

* For 3rd class carriages, 25 cents less.
Handbook to Singapore, 84

The fare for jinrickshas is 3 cents per half-mile for one passenger for a distance not exceeding 5 miles. At night (9 p.m. to 5 a.m.) an extra cent per half-mile may be charged . A jinricksha may be hired for one day (i.e. , not more than 8 hours, and covering a distance of not more than 10 miles) for the maximum charge of 80 cents, including charges for detention. An extra charge of half the fare is made when there are two passengers.

Visitors to Singapore are warned against the extortionate charges made by the gharry-syces. The above
tables give the legal fares. When a dispute arises, the order to drive to the Police Station (Pergi ka rumah pasong*) will bring the syce to reason, if his charges are exorbitant.

Another trick of gharry-syces is to drive to their destination by a circuitous route, so as to be able to
demand legally more than their proper fare.

The following tables of distances are appended to enable strangers in Singapore to estimate the legal fare payable. t

Tables of Distances

N.B. — The distances in these tables are reckoned from the General Post Office, in the heart of the town, near which are Johnston's Pier, the Exchange, the Singapore Club, the Volunteer Drill Hall and the Master Attendant's Office. The mile-stones on the roads mark the distance from St. Andrew's Cathedral.
I. — Not exceeding half a mile.
* Pronounce Piggy ka roomah pasong.
t When asked the amount of their fare Syces generally answer (Tuan or Mem) punya suka, i.e., "what Master (or Madam) pleases."
^"^a wore than the legal fare should be given.

Tables of Distances.


Banks: —

Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, Raffles Place.
Chartered Mercantile Bank of India, London and China, Raffles Place.
Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Collyer Quay.
New Oriental Banking Corporation, Raffles Place.

Consulates: —

Austro-Hungarian, Battery Road.
Belgian - 1, Boat Quay.
Brazilian, Raffles Place.
Chinese, Hill Street.
Danish - 4, Cecil Street.
Dutch, Battery Road.
German, Battery Road.
Russian - D* Almeida Street.
Siamese - ??
Swedish and Norwegian . . . Collyer Quay.
United States of America, Battery Road.

Hotels: —

Adelphi Hotel, Coleman Street.
Hotel de la Paix, Coleman Street.
Hotel de Europe, Esplanade.

Esplanade and Cricket Pavilion.
Government Offices.

Magistrates' Courts, South Bridge Road.
Police Station (Central), South Bridge Road.
Sailors' Home, North Bridge Road.

"Singapore Free Press" Office 20a, Collyer Quay.
Singapore and Straits Printing Office ... ... Robinson Street.
Singapore and Straits Aerated Water Co. ... ... Robinson Street.
St. Andrew's Cathedral . . . Esplanade.
*"Straits Times " Office . . . Change Alley, Raffles Place.
Supreme Court ... ... Corner of High Street and ...

86 Handbook to Singapore.

Distances. — Not exceeding Half-a-mile. — Continued.

Telegraph Office ... ... Prince Street.
Town Hall ... ... South end of Esplanade.
Town Market ... ... Collyer Quay.

n. — Exceeding half-a-mile, but not exceeding ONE MILE.

Chinese Protectorate ... South Bridge Road.

Churches: —

Cathedral Church of the Good Shepherd (B.C.) ... ... Brass Bassa Road.
Methodist-Episcopal Church ... ... Coleman Street.
Presbyterian Church . . . Orchard Boad.
St. Andrew's Mission Chapel ... ... Stamford Road.
St. Gregory's Church (Armenian) ... ... Hill Street.
Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus ... ... ... North Bridge Road.
Ellenborough Market ... Near New Bridge Road.

Hotels: —

Beach Hotel ... ... Beach Road.
Central ... ... Stamford Road.
Raffles M ... ... Beach Road.
Straits „ ... ... Stamford Road.
Ladies Lawn Tennis Club ... Orchard Road.

Livery Stables: —

H. Abram's Stables ... Brass Bassa Road.
F. Clarke & Co. ... Hill Street.
Maternity Hospital . . . Victoria Street.
Raffles Library and Museum... Orchard Road.
Raffles Institution ... Beach Road.
Raffles Girls' School ... Brass Bassa Road.
St. Joseph's Institution ("Brothers* School") ... Brass Bassa Road.

Table of Distances, 87

in.— ABOVE One Mile.
N.B. — To find the distance between any of the wharves and any of the following places, add to the
figures opposite the name of the place the distance between the Post Office and the particular wharf; except where the name is marked with an asterisk (*), which signifies that the place lies either between the wharves and the town, or in a different direction.

Barracks, Fort Canning (Artillery) ...
Do. Tanglin (Infantry)
•Borneo Wharf (French and German Mail Steamers)
Botanical Gardens
Bukit Timah (Police Station)
Do. (Summit and Bungalow)
Cemetery (Christian), Bukit Timah
ixoacL ... ... ... , , .
Changhi Bungalow
Clyde Terrace Market
♦Criminal Prison ...
Filter Beds, Bukit Timah Road
Fort Canning — Barracks ...
French Consulate, River Valley Road
Gardens (Botanical)
Do. (Whampoa's)
Gas Works, Rochore
General Hospital, Sepoy Lines
German (Teutonia) Club, Scott's Road
Golf Links (Race Course) ...
Government House
Impounding Reservoir, Thomson Road
Italian Consulate, River Valley Road

88 Handbook to Singapore.
Table of Distances — Over One Mile— Cowhnwerf.
Mis. Fur.

Japanese Consulate, 21, Sophia Road 1 5
Kranji Police Station and Pier (for Johor)

Livery Stables — Lambert Brothers' ...
*Lunatic Asylum ...
*Mount Faber
*New Harbour Dock
Orchard Road Market
Do. Police Station
Pauper Hospital (Tan Tock Seng's)
Serangoon Road
*P. & O. Wharf or Teluk Blangah ...
*Pearl's Hill (Army Head Quarters Office)
*Portuguese Consulate, 93, Neil Road
*Prison (Criminal) Sepoy Lines
Race Course, Kampong Java Road . . .
Rifle Range, Balestier, Serangoon Road
Rochore Market ... Selitar,
Police Station and Bungalow
Sepoy Lines
Spanish Consulate, 93, Neil Road . . .
Tanglin Barracks (Infantry)
Do. Club, Steven's Road
Tanjong Katong — Hotel and Bungalow
*Tanjong Pagar Docks and Wharves...
Tan Tock Seng (Pauper) Hospital . . .
Teutonia (German) Club, Scott's Road
Tyersall (H.H. Sultan of Johor), Napier Road
Water-works — Impounding Reservoir, Thomson Road

Handbook to Singapore (Internet Digital Archives)

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