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Clubs, Societies, Banks, Consulates

Clubs, Societies, Banks, Consulates, Hotels, Shops, &c.

Clubs: —

Marine Club ... ... Battery Road.
Masonic Club ... ... Coleman Street.
Tanglin Club ... ... Steven's Road — [containing a Ball-room, Theatre, Billiard-room and Bowling Alleys].
Teutonia Club (or German Club) ... ... Scott's Road.
Singapore Club (see under Exchange, p. 48.)

Literary and Scientific Societies: —

Anglo-Chinese Literary Association ... ... Coleman Street (M. E. Chapel).
German Reading Club.
Royal Asiatic Society (Straits Branch) .
Singapore Debating Society.
Straits Medical Association.

Political : —

Imperial Federation League.
Straits Association (Singapore Branch).

Clubs, Societies, &c. 77

Musical: —

Philharmonic Society of St. Cecilia.
Singapore Philharmonic Society.

Religious: —

British and Foreign Bible Society ... ... 46, Raffles Place.
Chinese Christian Association ... ... Prinsep Street Cha]^)ol.
Confraternity of the Blessed Lady of Rosary and St. Francis Xavier ... St. Joseph's Church, Victoria Street.
Society of St. Anthony of Padua.
Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

Sporting AND Athletic: —
Cycling Club.
Ladies* Lawn Tennis Club,* Orchard Road (see p. 52)
St. Andrew's Cycling Club,t
Singapore Cricket Club,J Esplanade (see p. 47)
Do. Golf Club ... Race Course, Kampong Java Road (see p. 56)
Do. Recreation Club ... Esplanade (see p. 47)
Do. Rifle Association ... Balestier Plain (seep. 58)
Do. Rowing Club,§
Do. Sporting Club, Race Course, Kampong Java Road (see p. 66)
Swiss Rifle Shooting Club, Balestier Plain (see p. 58)
* Colours, light blue and chocolate.
t Coloivrs, St. Andrew's Cross on white ground.
X Colours, black and yellow.
§ Colours, light and dark blue.

7 8 Handbook to Singapore*
Sporting and Athletic — contd.
Straits Chinese Recreation Club ... ... Hong Lim Green, New Bridge Road (see p. 55 Note)
Tanjong Pagar Football Association (Chinese)

Masonic: —

District Grand Lodge of the Eastern Archipelago.
Lodge Zetland in the East, No. 508.
Lodge St. George, No. 1152.
Dalhousie Royal Arch Chapter, No. 508.
Rose Croix Chapter, 188 (Mount Calvary in the East, No. 47).
Dunlop Masonic Benevolent Society.
Adullam Conclave, No. 17 (Order of the Secret Monitor).
Singapore Emulation Lodge of Instruction, No. 608 (E.C.).
Star of the East Preceptory and Priory, No. 85.
Eduljee Jamsetjee Mark Master's Lodge.

Between 1875 and 1879, Masonic Meetings were held in a house in Beach Road. In the latter year, the
Masonic Hall (Coleman Street, at the Foot of Fort Canning) was erected. It was then a building of one
storey; but in 1887, another storey was added, which contains a fine hall.

Miscellaneous: —

Association of Engineers.
Masters* and Mates' Association, S.S*
Pilot Club, Tanjong Pagar.
St. John's Ambulance Association.
Singapore Amateur Photographic Society, 53, Hill St.
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
* *


Banks and Consulates. 79

The following is a list of the principal shops and offices which visitors to Singapore may find it necessary to visit.

Banks: —

Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China,* Raffles Place.
Chartered Mercantile Bank of India, London and China, 27, Raffles Place.
Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, f Collyer Quay.
New Oriental Bank Corporation, Raffles Place.

Consulates: —

Austro-Hungary ... Battery Road.
Belgium ... ... 1, Boat Quay.
Brazil ... ... 28, Malacca Street.
China ... ... Hill Street.
Denmark ... ... 4, Cecil Street.
France ... ... 124, River Valley Road.
Germany ... ... Battery Road.
Japan ... ... 21, Sophia Road.
Italy ... ... River Valley Road.
Netherlands ... ... Battery Road.
Portugal ... ... River Valley Road.
Russia ... ... 1, Cecil Street.
Spain ... ... 93, Neil Road.
Sweden and Norway ... Collyer Quay.
United States ... ... Battery Road.
[N.B. — The Consulates have the flags of the nations they represent flying above their Offices].
* •* Chartered Bank," " Mercantile Bank," " Hongkong Bank," and '* Oriental Bank" (or Bank Lamah) are the names to be used in directing native syces.
f The H. and S. B. Corporation are building new offices at the corner of Battery Hoad and Collyer Quay, opposite the Exchi3.\i<^<^,

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