Friday, 19 April 2013

The First Malaysian Hajj Flight

The Hajj was celebrated twice in 1974. The first Hajj was early in the year (2-6 January 1974; 1393 Hijrah). The second Hajj was at the end of the year (22-26 December 1974; 1394 Hijrah).

My father had performed his first Hajj during winter, on 22-26 December 1974. He had taken the first Hajj flight from Malaysia to Saudi Arabia. He wrote 'Aku di Mekah, Disember 1974' as a filename on one of his Hajj photos in his pendrive.

Before the Hajj flight, Malaysian pilgrims boarded ships to go to Makkah. They also returned by ships. From late 1974 onward, the pilgrims took flights from Malaysia. The ships have since ceased to be used. I didn't notice the significance of this first Hajj flight till I became aware of it tonight.


Ziarah Jabal Nur Gua Thur
Ziarah Jabal Rahmah, on the Plains of Arafah
Atop Jabal Rahmah
At the foothill of Jabal Rahmah
Uncertain which mosque this is
Same as above
Same as above

Haji Abdul Rashid bin Haji Mohd Yusope
a former first year medical student at the KE VII, Singapore , 1950/51.
'Aku di Mekah, Disember 1974'
He then went to Leeds University after the Hajj.
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