Friday, 5 April 2013

Muzium Islam Kelantan

We visited Muzium Islam Kelantan for the first time on 30 March 2013, after we left Prof. Datuk Mafauzy bin Mohamed's wedding reception party for his first son (Dr Mustaqim Mafauzy) at Hotel Grandriverview. We parked right in front of the muzium, which is beside the Muhammadi mosque in Kota Bharu. The muzium is a light green old wooden building, formerly the house of one of the Malay nobility. The muzium display is housed on 2 storeys. The groundfloor has an old mimbar, incense burners, medicine bowls, history of Islam in the region and wooden wall calligraphy. The upper floor houses several displays including cave findings, traditional Malay musical instruments, textiles, pottery, gold ornaments and findings from shipwrecks of the region.

Entrance to Muzium Islam Kelantan.
Muzium Islam Kelantan poster
Structure of the Muzium Islam Kelantan - the Rumah Limas Bungkus.
A typical long window of a Malay house
Singgora roof tiles
Wooden louvres

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