Saturday, 1 September 2012

Sultan Yahya Petra Bridge, Kelantan

I like bridges and I wrote about bridges for a class essay. Now I will write about the Sultan Yahya Petra Bridge in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. This is a unique bridge and I first saw the bridge in May 1969 when I first came to live in Kelantan. I was 11 years old.

Aerial view of Sungai Kelantan over the sandbank (banggol). View from MAS flight KB-KLIA at 11 am. Here the aircraft is flying north-east towards the coast, after which it will turn south.
Same flight as for above pic. Aerial view of the coast of Kelantan where the aircraft turned south. This area would be in the vicinity of the airport, i.e., Sabak-Melawi-Bachok stretch. Here the coastline is straight and very easy for coastal landing. The coastline is straight for many kilometres.



Built: 1967-1969 (Wikipedia). The actual dates are unknown. When I arrived in May 1969, the bridge was there and functioning.
Builder: Kien Huat Private Limited, a family firm of Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong (builder & owner of Genting Highlands casino).
Toll: There was a small toll house on the bridge when UMNO ruled Kelantan. The toll was $2 per car.
Location: Kota Bharu, Kelantan
River: Sungai Kelantan
Links: Kota Bharu on the south side and Pasir Pekan on the north side
Cost of bridge: -
Map of bridge:
Views of bridge:

Official opening of the bridge. Photo from Arkib Negara Malaysia.
Here it says 1962.
In Wikipedia it says built 1967-1969.
The bridge during the flood. Internet photo. 1967?
The building could be the sentry or toll house.
4-Junction at the bridge end in KB; the traffic lights help control congestion.
Approaching the old bridge at KB end amidst construction of the flyover for the second bridge.
Construction of the flyover for the second bridge in progress near TESCO at KB end.
Driving on the old bridge from Pasir Pekan towards KB. TESCO is on the right.

River: Sungai Kelantan
Cost of bridge: RM157million
Date of construction: June 2007
Expected date of completion: December 2009
Postponements: 4
Actual date of completion: August 2012
Length of bridge: 800m 
Links: Kota Bharu to Pasir Pekan and onward to Wakaf Bharu and Tumpat.

Comments about the bridges, connected roads and traffic: