Monday, 23 July 2012

Message to Readers

This is to notify readers that you cannot link to any post inside the blog for now because there is an error in my programming. It will take me some time to locate and fix the error for this blog.

I managed to locate Dr Lim Ju Boo's comments in the Comments Trash bin and saved it to Not Spam. It is now posted under Dr Syed Mahmood Al-Kudcy's post. Click on the Comments icon there.

Some of you wrote comments but used Anonymous or some other ID which is not your name. Since there are no links back to the sender of those comments, and I cannot respond appropriately, I have chosen not to respond. I would encourage everyone to use their own name when writing in the Comments field. For now I have allowed Anonymous and Non-Name IDs. For future, I may change it to Registered Users only.

I have allowed this blog for public viewing. There are other forms of browsing including restricted browsing. I don't want to use those features.

I will be submitting my manuscript for the big book today, insyaAllah. I will make a prayer first and then submit it to Xlibris. You can also help by making a prayer that the big book will make it to print. I started blogging in 2002 before writing it for 2007 submission. The writing for the big book has taken me more than 10 years, only that I wasn't familiar with the Internet and I didn't have a computer to do the writing. I had worked on computers but they were big ones higher than my head and looked like a refrigerator.

Once the 2 books (big book & small book) hit the market, I will be working on my other books and my other blogs. So I won't be writing for this blog so much. I will come and visit this blog once in a while. You can always write to me - use the Boxbe at the side panel. You can also email me directly. You can also call me but my phone is all over the place and not near me, so I may not be able to take your call. SMS is the worst form of human communication. Voice is better.

TQ everyone for your support of this blog and my books.

Prof Faridah