Sunday, 8 July 2012

Maxwell Manuscript 24

It is always a 'Jones' or a 'Doctor Jones' when it comes to historical digs and fact-finding. Why does it always have to be a 'Jones'? Why can't it ever be a 'Mat' or even an 'Awe'? Let's see, someone brought up something interesting from a dull place. Someone went to a place up latitude north and unearthed some unexpected treasures near the GMT line. Guess where that place is?

Back in the last century, there were hardly universities in the British Isles. So where did the British get all the information that they amass today? You guess it right. They went out to find information - they wandered south into Asia and South Asia, and Southeast Asia. We Asians always want to go north!

What did our whiteman brothers discover and keep? They obtained useful information which even our own grannies and grandpas never knew. The British 'knowledge explorers' got a lot information about us that we never knew. But we are lucky that someone went north to find our history. So we have almost solved the origins of one doctor's family - that of Tan Sri Dr Raja Ahmad Noordin bin Raja Shahbuddin bin Raja Dagang bin ??? ..... (this bit is still a mystery). 

The place that stores his families' information is up north but was started in the south. The Royal Asiatic Society was founded by Sir William Jones (I told you it is always a Jones in history) in Calcutta, India on 15 January 1784. Here's the link: 

Royal Asiatic Society
60 Queens Gardens, Bayswater, London
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Maxwell Manuscript 24

The family information is contained in Maxwell Manuscript 24. Who was Maxwell? He was Sir George E. Maxwell. How many manuscripts did he write in a lifetime? And why Manuscript 24? Does that mean there are manuscripts 1-23 that contain the stories before #24? Does that mean there are more manuscripts after #24? When will we have time to complete searching for information? It seems endless, endless, endless,....

Maxwell Manuscript 24 at the Royal Asiatic Society


A nephew of the late Tan Sri Dr Raja Ahmad Noordin, Raja Adley Paris Ishkandar Shah wrote in Facebook to inform that the number for the Maxwell Manuscript should be 24 and not 25 as printed in the book Biography of TEMD. Please make the necessary correction in the book. TQ - 15 January 2013, FAR

Maxwell Manuscript 25 should be corrected to Maxwell Manuscript 24.