Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Bajau Laut vs Bajau Darat

I saw pictures of Bajau Laut little boys on Noraini Ismail's Facebook. I thought to share them with you. ASTRO also featured the Bajau Laut people. What is special about the Bajau Laut people? Everything! The Bajau Laut kids look similar to the little Aborigine boys I have seen in Adelaide and also in Perth. Are they linked? Are they Malay? Yes. The Bajau Laut and the Aborigines are all linked - all are Malays.

Bajau Laut boys. Photos from Noraini Ismail's album in Facebook.

I find that people who love the sea and live at sea, know the world better than those who live on land. What medicines do they have at sea should anything go wrong? What can possibly go wrong?

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