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I visited Masjid Jamek Jelutong & its associated graveyard on 22 October 2011 to locate some graves for TEMD. Jelutong is a tree noted for its gum which is used for making chewing gum. This is my second time visiting the mosque and graves. I visited them about  2 weeks ago on 9 October 2011 but did not have time to look around and study the information here. I went back this week.

1. Masjid Jamek Jelutong, Mukim Jelutong

This is a very old mosque in Penang. It could have been built circa 1820 by the same set of Hadrami Arabs who opened Masjid Banda Hilir in Banda Hilir, Malacca. It is therefore approximately 191 years old in 2011.

2. Kubur Jelutong

a. Kubur beside the parking lot 

On the right side of the mosque (standing facing qiblat) are 4 plots of graves. The frontmost plot is Kubur Syed, followed by Kubur Syed Yasin & Kwangtung China, followed by another set of (older) Kubur Syed with no names visible on the tombstones (batu nisan) and a rear plot within thick enclosed walls. All Syed are buried within Kubur Syed, especially the frontmost plot. Syed Sheikh is buried here.

Entrance to mosque and public parking
Kubur Syed (frontmost plot)
A different view of Kubur Syed (frontmost plot)
Middle plot. Kubur Syed Yasin (in foreground) and the Kwangtung man (rear grave)
Another plot of Kubur Syed (they seem more weathered and without names)
Rear plot of graves within thick brick enclosure

b. Kubur near van jenazah side

On the left side of the mosque are graves of non Syed (non Arabs). There is a big brick wall enclosure and is almost filled with graves. Within the brick wall enclosure is the grave of Hjh Fatimah bt Hamidon. There are more graves beyond the brick wall enclosure. There are many graves all around the brick wall enclosure.

Left side of mosque that opens to the public non-Syed graves
Graves between the mosque and brick wall enclosure. Entrance to enclosure (1/7).
Graves within the brick wall enclosure - left aspect of enclosure , entrance view (2/7).
 Closer to the graves at left aspect of enclosure (3/7).
Pusara Hjh Fatimah bt Hamidon (1/2). Also refer caption below.
Pusara Hjh Fatimah bt Hamidon (2/2), a descendant of Ismail @ Nakhoda Kecil.
Contact Badariah Baba Ahmad in Facebook for family tree and info in Geni.
View, panned from left to right (4/7).
View of right aspect of graves within low stone wall enclosure. View from entrance (5/7).
Another view. Same as above (6/7)
Close-up of headstones of graves inside the low stone wall enclosure (7/7).
More graves beyond the brick wall enclosure
View of the left side of the mosque from the graves within the enclosure.
Aluminium usung for keranda. They are made with wider bottom so many more people can help carry the jenazah
Roll-down aluminium doors through which the jenazah is carried to the grave after solat jenazah
View of graves at kampung or van jenazah side
Affandi performing wudhu'

Most of the graves at Kubur Jelutong do not follow any arrangement (except they all face qiblat) and some graves can be easily stepped on if one is not careful.


Badariah bt Baba Ahmad said...

Assalamu'alaikum. Boleh saya tahu kenapa Prof highlight nama Hjh Fatimah bt Hamidon di atas? Saya generasi ke-9 Ismail @ Nakhoda Kecil. Bapa saya dikebumikan di dalam kawasan makam bertembok tu. - Badariah bt Baba Ahmad

Badariah bt Baba Ahmad said...

Arwah bapa saya Baba Ahmad bin Hamid Don. Puan Sri Prof Fatimah Hamid Don ialah mak saudara saya, kakak kepada bapa saya. Kubur yg Prof nampak tu, Hjh Fatimah Hamidon, bukan Hamidon datuk saya tapi Hamidon lain dlm salasilah Nakhoda Kecil juga. I managed the family tree in Geni. I have sent you a friend request in FB. :-)

Prof Faridah said...

Wa'alaikumussalam Badariah,
The name Hamidon was mentioned to me by my father. When I first saw the name at the Jelutong grave I was excited because I didn't expect to see a Hamidon grave in Penang as I would expect it to be in KL. So I kept the name, hoping someone would know the Hamidon story. As far as I know the family is an educated family of teachers/professors. If you are the ninth generation (G9) of Nakhoda Kecil, then you are related to my late father's family - he was descended from Nahkoda Nan Intan. The family blog is here You can join the Datuk Jenaton group in Facebook They have the family tree. I hope this helps.

Prof Faridah said...

TQ for the information and clarification, Badariah. Besides Geni, do you also have a blog on Nakhoda Kecil and all the Hamidon/Hamid Don? Yes, I have added you to my FB. Welcome. You are 9 years my junior.

Zulkharnaen Kamaruddin said...

Assalamualaikum kaum krabat arwah bapak saya byk disemadi dlm makam syed, saya Zulkharnain bin Kamaruddin 0124482688

Prof Faridah said...

Wa'alaikumussalam, TQ untuk maklumkan tentang kaum kerabat arwah bapak anda.