Monday, 16 May 2011

Doctors in the East - Where West meets East

Doctors in the East - Where West meets East (2001) by Ho Tak Ming. Published by Pelanduk Publications (M) Sdn Bhd. E-mail: ISBN 967-978-770-2

Author: Dr Ho Tak Ming


  1. Physicians at Court
  2. Humanitarians and Opium Princes
  3. The Lancet and the Cross
  4. Deficiencies and Brilliancy of the Empirical Tradition
  5. Renaissance and Orthodoxy
  6. Restoration and Reform
  7. Revolution
  8. Half the Earth, Half the Sky
  9. Taoists and Imperialists
  10. Two Worlds, One Vision
  11. Failed Medical Student
  12. Thus Endeth the Mandate of Heaven

My comments & highlights
Content is more inclined towards the interaction between the early Christian missionaries to mainland China and its lesser lands. There are quite a number of interesting anecdotes which make reading more pleasant (and later for teaching) of otherwise a boring subject. A detailed account of the plague and the significant role of Dr Wu Lien-Teh are provided but readers can read more detailed accounts elsewhere and in other publications. Most topics are regular topics in my first-year class, "History of Medicine" where we touch on Traditional and Complementary Chinese Medicine. The black hardcover book is small and easy to hold for reading.

Chapter 10

page 310 - History of the King Edward VII Medical School.

page 311 - Chinese medicine and Western medicine are two separate worlds, but they need not be worlds that cannot be bridged.

Chapter 11

page 313 - The Image of the Dragon

page 315 - Japan defeated China in the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-5

page 317 - Japanese Medicine

page 328 - The Eyes of the Dragon

Chapter 12

page 331 - The Golden Age

page 338 - The Plague Fighter

page 342 - Dr Wu Lien-Teh (portrait)

page 344 - End of the old Traditional Chinese Medicine