Monday, 24 January 2011

TEMD Branding and Souvenirs

I'm thinking of branding the words 'The Early Malay Doctors' and its anagram (TEMD) and use them for souvenirs. I need designs.

(anything used by the health industry, schools and universities; must be of good quality) 

T-shirts, scarves, labcoats, jumpsuits, rompers, diapers, bath & face towels, soaps, disinfectants, toothpaste & toothbrushes, mouth gargles, handsoaps, shampoos, goggles, sunglasses, tote bags, rugs, bedroom slippers, bath robes, overcoats, sweaters, wind breakers, masks, cups, mugs, trays, flasks, measuring cups, measuring spoons, fork & spoon, non-leach tupperwares, books, keychains, cakes, dust-free sejadah, throw cushions, babies gift sets, cloth napkins, pillows, pillow cases, bedsheets, bedspreads, letter opener, letter holders, letter boxes, pens, pencils, wall frames, handphones, slippers, umbrellas, raincoats, paperweights, magnets, notebooks/diaries, pendrives, movies, documentaries, cardbox boxes, gift wrappers, ribbons, get-well-soon bouquets & cards, files, barbells, dumbbells, sports shoes, jogging shoes, etc. Who is interested? I need designs.

I already made wooden keychains and gave them free during my Professorial Talk (Syarahan Umum) on 17 June 2010. Schoolkids loved the painted wooden keychains. Even our hospital staff liked the designs. These wooden keychains were prepared by Rohani Omar@ Mohd Yusof of Physiology.
Rohani Omar@ Mohd Yusof
Scientific Officer, Physiology, School of Medical Sciences, USM
Phone : 609-7673000 ext. 6165
Fax : 609-7653370
(Photo from USM medical school website)

Wooden keychains