Saturday, 6 March 2010

Leprosy care

Leprosy patients and sufferers (lepers) were shunned by the populace and segregated by health authorities.

In China, lepers were segregated in leper villages or boat colonies.

In British Malaya, lepers were kept at different places:

1) Pulau Jerejak Leprosarium off Penang island (from 1860s onward)

2) Kuala Lumpur Leper Asylum or Setapak Camp in KL (1922 til 1929)

3) Sungai Buloh Settlement (1930 til today)

In: Studies from the Institute for Medical Research, Federation of Malaya, Jubilee Volume No.25, The Institute for Medical Research 1900-1950, by various authors. Printed at the Government Press, Kuala Lumpur, 1951. Text on leprosy are mentioned on pages 252-257.

In: Doctors Extraordinaire by Ho Tak Ming. Published by the Perak Academy. 2nd edition, 2006. Chapter 15, Tuan Doctor, pages 197-206.

Personal communication with En Azman bin Abdul Majid, Unit Makmal, PKKN, Sungai Buloh. Friday, 6 July 2007