Friday, 28 February 2014

Dr Ibrahim bin Haji Mohamed Yassin

I found another early Malay doctor's name. His name is written in full as Dr Ibrahim bin Haji Mohamed Yassin, from Ipoh. I have not seen this name before in my research on The Early Malay Doctors

His name appeared in The Straits Times of 8 June 1966 (page 8), along with names which I have mentioned before: Inche CM Hashim, a Penang JP who was connected to Dr KM Ariff, (Tan Sri) Syed Hassan Aidid who was UMNO Penang Chief, Dr Abu Bakar bin Ibrahim who was the 17th Director of IMR in KL after Dr Ungku Omar passed away, and was the late husband of Tan Sri Salma bt Ismail, and Syed Kabeer bin Syed Ahmad who was previously with the Pilgrimage Office based in Penang before Tabung Haji existed, and who married the eldest daughter of Dr KM Ariff.

King's Birthday Honours for 505

Inche CM Hashim, Penang - Panglima Setia Mahkota
Syed Hassan Aidid, Penang - Johan Mangku Negara
Dr Abu Bakar bin Ibrahim, KL - Johan Setia Mahkota
Dr Ibrahim bin Haji Mohamed Yassin, Ipoh  - Johan Setia Mahkota
Syed Kabeer bin Syed Ahmad, Penang - Ahli Mangku Negara