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International Conference:

Penang and the Hajj, 17-18 August 2013
The E&O Hotel, George Town, Penang, 9am-5pm
E&O Hotel
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Penang foundation stone at Northam Road, George Town. The state name Penang comes from the Malay word buah pinang (refers to the areca nut) but just the word pinang suffice, and becomes Penang. The island once had many areca nut palms which preferred the well-drained hilly and sandy soil and salty sea breeze for optimum growth.
The 1918 influenza, plague and cholera almost decimated the inhabitants of Penang. This scene was along Weld Quay, where junks and medium-small ships came to berth right at the waterfront. The presence of an electric tram indicates 1904 onward. Bullock carts were the main mode of transport.
Batu Ferringhi beach, in North Beach and in north bay ... a place where the Portuguese landed in Penang - could be before 1511, before they attacked Malacca in 1511. The Malacca people called them Orang Peringgit. In Penang, Ferringhi could be an Arab word since there is no letter P in Arabic. Ferringhi could also be derived from the Tamil word Ferringhiar or similar.
Old shophouses and godowns at Ghat Lebuh Aceh in George Town, Penang. These are now dilapidated but some have been restored and are in use.
KOMTAR, once the only landmark of Penang. Now we also have the Penang Bridge. 
KOMTAR occupies the former site of the Chowrasta Malay School (before relocation to Jalan Hatin/Hutton Lane).
Indian cloth shop in Little India, George Town in Penang
Masjid Jamek Melayu Aceh, George Town in Penang
Masjid as above
The Quran School at Masjid Jamek Melayu Aceh, which evolved to become the famous Al-Mashoor School we have today.
Masjid Kapitan Keling, built in 1802 on the land of Kapitan Keling, an Indian Muslim headman and mosque founder Cauder Mohideen (Kader Mydin), who endowed his land (waqf land) for Muslim usage (tanah wakaf).