Sunday, 7 July 2013

Tan Sri Dato' Haji Khalid bin Haji Abdullah

Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Khalid bin Haji Abdullah resigned on 28 June 2001, from the Audit Committee, according to Pernas International Holdings Berhad Annual Report 2001, page 13. He had served since 1981 and retired from the PERNAS Board on 28 June 2001 after serving for 20 years, as reported in the Annual Report 2001, pages 16, 23 and 44.

Tan Sri Dato’ Khalid bin Abdullah married Siti Hajar bt Mohd Zainudin (b.31 Oct 1923-d.2008). Their children are:
1. Nafizah Khalid m. Talib
2. Ahmad Zaki Khalid
3. Toh Puan Mushrihah Khalid m. Datuk Abu Talib Mohamed. Their daughter is Farah Diba Abu Talib m. Nelson Rizal Radzmi
4. Mustazah
5. Inaiyah Khalid
6. M Nasir Khalid m. Anirah Ariff. Their children are: Sabihah Munir, Hafiz Mubarak, Quailid Rezza, and Syaza Nabihah.

Tan Sri Dato’ Khalid bin Abdullah is the relative of 2 early Malay doctors - Dr Omar bin Din (Alor Star, Kedah) and Dr Abdul Ghani bin Muhammad (Bayan Lepas, Penang).

Tan Sri Dato’ Khalid bin Abdullah married Siti Hajar bt Mohd Zainudin, the younger sister of Dr Abdul Ghani’s wife (Fatimah).

Tan Sri Dato' Khalid emailed that he is the second cousin of Dr Omar bin Din.

Family tree and names were from Iszham Idris, 2013
Mustazah's name was provided by Fadzilah Abdul Ghani, 7 July 2013
Second cousin link to Dr Omar was emailed by Tan Sri Dato' Khalid, 7 July 2013


Norimah Iszham said...

Salam Prof Faridah,
Do you mind sharing me that link that Datuk Khalid shared with you? I call him To Su Khalid. His wife we call To Su Hajar who is also my maternal grandmother's sister.
Iszham Idris

Prof Faridah said...

Salam Iszham Idris,
No problem. Happy to share.