Monday, 29 July 2013

Mencari Bako

Mencari Bako (1983) is written by Abdul Aziz Ishak. I bought the book at the 6th family reunion at Vistana Hotel, Penang on 2 June 2013. Mencari Bako explains that Dato' Jenaton and Dato Setia are brothers.

Abdul Aziz bin Ishak, author of Mencari Bako
In a family tree sheet (Silsilah Keluarga) that was given to me by Tok Chu in 2013 (see earlier post on Tok Chu), I understand that Dato' Jenaton married the sister of Dato Setia. If that is true, how can Dato' Jenaton and Dato Setia be brothers?

Dato Setia is Dato Setia Payakumbuh, way back in Pagarruyung in the highlands of West Sumatra. They were cousins, and not brothers. As I understand it, Ismail @ Nakhoda Kecil, Haji Muhammad Saleh @ Nakhoda Nan Intan, Dato'Setia Pagarruyung, and Gadih Suri were siblings. They were cousins of Dato' Jenaton. Dato Jenaton then married Gadih Suri as his first wife. He then married 2 more, one at Batu Bara and another in Penang - Sharifah 'Aini (a Penang-Arab). Sharifah 'Aini had 4 children - Abdullah, Muhammad (died early after marriage), Hamidah and Fatimah. All of Sharifah 'Aini's children married and had children.


According to Mencari Bako, Abdullah had a son named Ahmad. Ahmad merajuk (sulked) and went away to live in Terong (Trong) in Perak. He was a good marksman and knew every inch of his farm. He shot deers on his farm (kebun), and then sembelih according to Islamic rites, and had rendang rusa.

Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Dato' Jenaton was Abdul Aziz's paternal grandfather. 

From the book, Dato' Jenaton. Catatan Salasilah Keluarga Melayu di Malaysia dan Indonesia (2013) by (Prof.) Ahmad Murad Merican:

Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Dato' Jenaton had 7 children: 1. Haji Alias 2. Harun (deceased) 3. Mahmud/Mohamad 4. Ishak 5. Kalsom 6. Rapiah, and 7. Sulaiman.

Ishak bin Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Dato' Jenaton married Aishahtun/Aishah Tun bt Haji Aminuddin (Taiping, Perak), and had 9 children: 1. Yusof/Yusoff (first President of Singapore) 2. Laili Zubaidah 3. Abdul Aziz (author of Mencari Bako) 4. Laila Latifah 5. Salbiah 6. Ramli 7. Zohara (author of another family book due out at end of 2013) 8. Abdul Rahim, and 9. Alma Azizah.

Abdul Aziz bin Ishak married Wan Shamsiah bt Pawanteh (Pengurus Utusan Melayu Cawangan Kuala Lumpur), and they had 5 children: 1. Rahmah 2. Zakaria 3. Zabidah 4. Zulkifli, and 5. Zahrah.

Abdul Aziz bin Ishak
Abdul Aziz Ishak's eldest brother, Yusof bin Ishak was the Managing Director of Utusan Melayu in Singapore, before he (Yusof) became the first President of Singapore. 
Yusof bin Ishak