Monday, 22 April 2013


BPSP = Blok Pembelajaran dan Sumber Pelajar /Students' Learning and Resources Block

The BPSP is a new multipurpose block. It is used for interviews, SGD (small group discussion), PBL (problem-based learning), workshops and meetings.

The upcoming medical students interview will also take place at BPSP on 10-11 May 2013.

The BPSP is light green and white layers, on the first floor.

To access BPSP, from the front parking lot, walk past Pharmacy and Kedai Koop. Go upstairs to the first floor. Go to the right, past Jabatan Taksiran. Go through the wooden doors and till you come to the glass doors on the right. Access is via staff card. Campus security guards should be on duty. There are chairs and tables, prayer places and toilets inside BPSP.

The public surau is a red zinc building on the ground floor. Walk past the USAINS clinics toward the lift. Toilets are at all corners, a bit hidden though.

Friday and Saturday are non work days. Offices are closed on campus.

The crowd you will see are the general public who have come to visit their loved ones in the hospital. Visiting days are weekends, so the parking spaces maybe easily taken up by visitors.

HUSM is 8-storeys and purple and white.

HUSM viewed from the main road