Monday, 4 February 2013

The Ming Princess Hang Li Poh

In our race to study genetics and genealogy, we forget that one great mixed marriage and gene mix occurred in Malacca. Nobody even cites it in scientific journal publications. Why? Because nobody cares to even think about this historic genetic mixing and its outcomes.
A historic mixed-marriage took place in the year 1459 between Sultan Mansur Shah of Malacca and Princess Hang Li Poh, the daughter of Emperor Yung Lo of the Ming Dynasty. The princess with her 500 beautiful band maids resided in Bukit China in the mid-fifteenth century. Putri Hang Li Poh

The Portuguese attacked Malacca 52 years later and the Malacca Sultanate disappeared for good. The Dutch forces came next and last was the British. The Indian and Arab genes probably came throughout Malacca history or after the last European force left.

Gene pool-wise, there seems to be many gene pools and mixes which we should expect coming out of the Malacca gene pool.

From Malacca history alone, we should be able to gauge the times when these gene pools were created:

First generation mix:
  1. Malacca Malay-Ming Chinese gene pool from 1459 onward
  2. Malacca Malay-Portuguese gene pool from 1511 onward
  3. Malacca Malay-Dutch gene pool from 1641 onward
  4. Malacca Malay-Arab gene pool from 1734 onward? .... refer to Kg Batu Uban story
  5. Malacca Malay-British gene pool from 1824 onward
  6. Malacca Malay-Indian gene pool from 1824 onward

Second generation mix onward:
  1. Malacca Malay-Ming Chinese-Arab gene pool from 1734 onward
  2. Other gene mixes

If we take the lifespan of Malay men in the past to be approximately 55-60, then 1734 to 2009 would be 5 generations of Malacca Malay-Arab gene mix of the descendants since 1734.

If we take the Ming princess's marriage into consideration, 1459 to 2009, that would mean we should have 10 generations of Malacca Malay-Ming Chinese descendants. And if the Arab blended into the flux, then the Arab gene markers would appear in the 5th generation onward (since 1734). How do we do this research? Is it possible? What genetic markers do we use for each gene pool?

Where is her grave? How many issues did she have with the sultan? Who has her family tree? What was her real name?