Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Photographers in Early Malaya and Singapore

There were many photos taken in Malaya and Singapore by a few photographers. I have managed to trace them by names on picture postcards (ppc) in books and from discussions in Facebook. Muzium Kelantan also contacted me to request for help to locate 2 names which we didn't know who they were. I think all the names I have seen so far have appeared either in museums and also at the link below. Some families and their relatives today may know more. The photographers' names appeared in many ways, sometimes only the last name (surname) and other times, abbreviated first and second names and the full surname.

Photographers in early Malaya and Singapore from the Janus Photograph Collection:

These photographers were:
  1. GR Lambert - 1879, he covered early photos of the harbour and ships in Siam, Penang and Singapore.
  2. Charles J Kleingrothe - during British East India Company in Sumatra. I remember writing about the origin of the word Kleingrothe (keling roti).
  3. August E Kaulfuss (1896-1909) - he took photographs of Jack Fenner in Perak (see Insun Sony Mustapha Fenner in Facebook). He usually wrote his name as Kaulfuss or A. Kaulfuss.
  4. Leonard Wray (1852-1942)
  5. William Langham-Carter (1869-1940) - he maybe the person Muzium Kelantan was trying to search when I went to Muzium Kelantan long ago. It was probably him who left 2 British photo albums with the Sultan of Kelantan before he returned to Britain. There is also a professor at the Dept of English, University of Hong Kong who is looking for his ancestor named Carter but he said his ancestor did not go far south as Malaya.

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People who have served BAM:
  1. Hugh Bryson (died 1977), Secretary 1952-1967
  2. GR Lambert, official photographer to the King of Siam, 1879; Lambert and Co. 1879-1918
  3. Alexander Koch, assistant photographer, Lambert and Co 1883-1884; later as manager
  4. HT Jensen 1908-1910 - his photo is in 'Twentieth Century Impressions of British Malaya.'
  5. H Nugent Buckeridge managed Lambert and Co 1914-1917; became independent commercial photographer in Singapore-WWII
  6. Charles J Kleingrothe
  7. August E Kaulfuss
  8. Leonard Wray (1852-1942) entered Perak Civil Service 1881
  9. William Langham-Carter (1869-1940); cadet in Straits Settlement 1890; held several posts in Province Wellesley 1895-1897 and 1907-1913; Singapore 1898-1906; British Adviser in Kelantan 1913-1916; Singapore judge 1916-1922; Resident-Councillor in Malacca 1922-1925; retired 1925.

Google or Babylon Image Search Results by photographer:

William Langham-Carter photos (59,600)

William Kerr worked in the Customs Department, Kelantan in 1914. In 1920 he was the Supervisor of Customs. He received/left 2 photo albums to William Langham-Carter, which were then handed to the Sultan of Kelantan. The albums were dated 1915. It showed a British doctor's carriage.