Thursday, 31 January 2013

Meet Mohd Khairi

I was in my office this afternoon, clearing my email as usual. Then my phone rang and I answered it. It was from a student in PPSK (School of Health Sciences, USM). He was interested in my books. It was good that he spoke right away about my books. I had thought I had missed or forgotten to take a class. So all was fine.

Mohd Khairi called to ask whether my books are sold at local stores (eg MPH) beside the online ones. I told him no. He likes history. I asked to come and get a copy of my books for himself. He did as instructed.

Mohd Khairi is a Malay man who is currently writing up his MSc thesis in Immunology. He did his undergraduate degree in Biotechnology at USM in Penang. I asked him why he didn't want to continue to do a PhD. He said he has plans!!! Of course I was surprised so I asked him, "What plans?"

This intelligent gentleman wants to be an ATC! I asked him what's ATC? He replied ATC stands for air traffic controller/comptroller. I asked him why ATC since it is very different from biotechnology. He said that it is his wannabe. I said great! He has already been accepted for ATC training in Sepang and I wished him well for his future endeavours.

I don't have his background yet. I requested him to write.

This is from his Facebook:

Mohd Khairi is from Kelantan. He attended SMKA Tangok in Bachok, Kelantan.
SMKA Tangok is one of the top rated Islamic schools in Kelantan. 
Mohd Khairi just married at the end of last year, on 10 December 2012, to Siti Hajar Omar of Kedah. He has traveled widely to South Korea, Berlin, London, Melbourne, Sydney, Saudia Arabia, Bahrain, and others. He has a lot of good photos of these place in his Facebook albums.

I saw 2 men in his album whom I know - Prof Nor Azmi Mohd Noor (Flinders University of South Australia, Bedford Park, South Australia; husband of Prof Nik Soriani Yaacob, father of Aimi) and Prof Ahmad Zakaria (University of Nevada, Reno; husband of Prof Asma Ismail, great granddaughter of Dr Abdul Latiff Razak, the first Malay doctor).

Mohd Khairi Che Pa
School of Health Sciences
(MSc graduating candidate)
012-954 1623


memedkhairy said...

It was a pleasure meeting you, Prof. Although I never attend your class before, but through our short conversation, I can see that you are really passionate about what you are doing. I think I've never been so inspired. BTW, many thanks for the kind wishes and may ALLAH SWT bless you and your family always. I'll for sure be an avid reader of your blog!

Prof Faridah said...

Thanks for writing and becoming a fan of this blog. I try to capture the lives of people in higher education, in medicine and related fields, so we have something written for our history. I browsed your Facebook and albums. Congratulations on your marriage. Build up a good family. You have a lot of good photos which you can write about or give talks on to your alma mater and inspire the children there, like I inspired you. I hope this blog inspires students and everyone to become better people, be more interested in life and take a beautiful angle to deal with life itself and make their lives on Earth a worthwhile effort and undertaking. Take care.