Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Dr Nizamuddin(g) Ahmad

We are searching for the whereabouts of this doctor's family. We are unsure where to search for him. NUS Office of Alumni gave us a slightly different name spelling, Nizamudding Ahmad. The added letter g in the name points to possibly a Terengganu name origin or call name.

His name was forwarded to me by Mr Chung Chee Min, a former teacher at the Victoria Institution (VI) in Kuala Lumpur. He had obtained the name from a friend at NUS.

Dr Nizamuddin(g) Ahmad graduated with LMS in March 1929. The graduation date itself tells us that this doctor was probably born in 1902, based on "next nearest date" which we have on our records: Dr Che Lah bin Md Joonos, DOB 10 December 1903, KE VII Singapore LMS March 1930.

If he was born in 1902, given a Malay male lifespan of approximately 83 years, he would be 83 in 1985. For comparison, Dr Che Lah died at age 83 in 1986.

So we are looking for a Malay male doctor named Dr Nizamuddin(g) bin Ahmad who was born in 1902, was a graduate of the KE VII Singapore with LMS in March 1929, and died in 1985. The birth and death dates are approximate and are derived. The actual dates may differ by +1-2 years.