Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Fatimah bt Hamid Don; Fatimah bt Hamidon

There are two ladies with almost similar names, Fatimah bt Hamidon and Fatimah bt Hamid Don. Both are related to Badariah Baba Ahmad (in Facebook).

Puan Sri Prof Fatimah bt Hamid Don (Prof Hamiddon in Facebook)
b. 10 July 1933 Batu Gajah
- married to Ishak bin Haji Pateh Akhir
- educated at Anglo-Chinese Girls' School (ACGS), Ipoh
- attended University of Malaya (UM)
- attended School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London
- attended UCLA 1971
- career: worked as a lecturer at the Language Institute in Kuala Lumpur; Head of Phonetics Dept
- contributions to society: Member, Central Council Women's Institute; AJK Istilah Pendidikan (DBP)
- first Malay woman to have obtained a PhD degree
- recipient of the Eminent Woman Award 2012
- recreation: represented SOAS (London) in inter-collegiate sports (badminton & table-tennis)
- recreation: cooking, reading, badminton, table-tennis, gardening
- address: 1247 Jalan Changkat, Petaling Jaya
- her daughter is Fawziah Ishak, whose daughters are Dr Dima Marlina (houseman) and Dima Naquira Mohd Rafi
- she is an aunt of Badariah Baba Ahmad (she calls her Aunty Onn)

Biodata of Fatimah bt Hamid Don

Prof Hamiddon in Facebook

Hjh Fatimah bt Hamidon
b.1925-d.11 August 2005 (4 Jamadil Awal 1426 Hijrah)
I had mentioned earlier about a lady named Hjh Fatimah bt Hamidon in my previous post about the graves at Jelutong Timur in Penang. She was a relative of Badariah Baba Ahmad.

Pusara Hjh Fatimah bt Hamidon (refer caption below).

Pusara Hjh Fatimah bt Hamidon, a descendant of Ismail @ Nakhoda Kecil.
Contact Badariah Baba Ahmad in Facebook for family tree and info in Geni.


Dima Naquira Mohd Rafi said...

Dr Dima Marlina is a currently a houseman. She is not in the field of dentistry . Just a little correctio. Thanks!