Saturday, 27 October 2012

GH Kota Bharu 2012 (2)

The government hospital in Kota Bharu has undergone much renovation since I wrote in my last post about the hospital. This hospital is important in our medical history because initially Kuala Krai was the seat of the British officers and doctors in Kelantan, before that adminstration was shifted to Kota Bharu. The hospital in Kota Bharu was at a different site in Kota Bharu before it was shifted to its present site.

Many of our early Malay doctors served at GH Kota Bharu and the various clinics in Kota Bharu. I came to live in Kelantan in early 1969 (after the May 13 incidences) and left Kelantan on 1 January 1971 (before first day of class). So I can remember a bit of GH Kota Bharu at that time. I remember the walk from the road to the X-ray unit and some of the services then.

Photos of GH Kota Bharu on 26 October 2012 (Aidiladha 1433 Hijrah):
Ambulatory Care & Haemodialysis Centre
(site of previous TB ward and parking lot nearest Stadium Sultan Muhammad IV)

The new buildings which replaced the TB ward and surrounding areas were ready in 2013. It is a multistorey day ward.