Thursday, 27 September 2012

What's up?

I am waiting for my 2 books to be printed. The delay is because the previous book representative at Xlibris left without my knowing and a new person took over as of yesterday. The books didn't get printed on time (intended for Aidilfitri 2012). I hope they will be printed in time for Aidiladha 2012. To those of you whom I have promised to send you the books (gratis), I will do that once I get them. I would prefer you to come to my house and pick up the books because then you get to select what you want (hardcover or softcover) and I can sign the book(s) for you. If you can't come, then I will mail them out to your work or home address, whichever is convenient. Once you get the book(s), please read it/them and provide me some feedback, especially errors/typos/etc so that when I do the next printing (insyaaAllah), I would have done the corrections (insyaAllah). I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their help and support of the research on the early Malay doctors and the 2 books. I have made many lifetime friends and I will keep fond memories of everyone I met and corresponded with. You can write to me and keep in touch in Facebook or other. If I forget you in future, it only means I'm getting old, so forgive me.

Those of you who are in medicine and allied health, you can send your biodata/CV and photos to me so I can upload a story about you here in this blog. The more students read about others, the better they can decide on what they want to be and make changes in life towards their goal. Otherwise, it is quite difficult to change our society without solid evidence of successes from predecessors. Transformation is a big word but means nothing if the means are not there. So I'm using this blog to move our society one step ahead, and by-passing politics, etc. I hope this blog is useful for many students who are grappling and groping, and parents who want the best for their children. I am a mother of 6 kids and bringing them up without good examples for them to follow was difficult but I had used Sherlock Holmes stories and had some success somewhat. Please come forward and let's help the children of today by giving them true information of our successes so they can see for themselves and follow suit. The young follow their parents. Parents can learn from other parents. A good society is one where everyone is learning from everyone else. Fighting about our differences gets us nowhere but builds more anger (sakit hati) and that can crumble any society. We are fortunate to live in Malaysia (or Singapore) as this is a peaceful country. But let us not forget that we must educate ourselves, our young and our society if we want to maintain this peace and harmony and live as loving human beings.