Friday, 25 May 2012

What is medicine?

If I asked you 'What is medicine?', what would your answer be?

My answer would be: A world of statues and sick people! Look at these pictures and you'll see why. That't a child's perception of the field of medicine.

I would still say that people still find it hard to define what is medicine today for a 9-year old child. How do you define medicine today?

Imhotep, an Egyptian doctor of the Pharaohs.
Egyptian surgical instruments depicted on papyrus.
Asclepius, a Greek god of medicine, holding his magic stick (rod),
with a serpent wrapped around it.
Hippocrates, a Greek physician and Father of Greek medicine,
made famous by his Hippocratic Oath.

Ibnu Sina, a Persian doctor and Father of Persian medicine

A Caucasian doctor deep in thought while attending to a sick
Caucasian child at home, whose family is grieved over her illness.

More photos and stories at Wikipedia

Who is the Father of Malay medicine?
Who is the Father of Malaysian medicine?
Do we have answers to these questions?