Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Red Warriors

Kelantan Red Warriors beat Sime-Darby 1-0 awhile ago.

Tomorrow is a holiday for us here - Cuti Peristiwa for Kelantan.

We are waiting for the Kelantan State Government to declare Monday a holiday because of this significant win.

Congratulations to Mohamad Ghaddar (Lebanon) for scoring the only goal tonight.

Thank you to the all the boys of both teams who played tonight.

90 minutes plus 5 minutes extra time is no small play. This is big game.

Kelantan is now the new FA Cup Champion for 2012. Syabas!

Thank you to the sponsors for both sides.

May we all continue to behave in big games like the one tonight.

I didn't expect to see so much injuries tonight - bloody faces and severe crams. I was about to have dinner when Sundram was badly injured and blood oozed from his face. I tried to eat my dinner and did ok but it is still not firmly down and may come out soon. I hope the injuries will be duely attended to before the next game.

Kelantan is very quiet today and tonight as everyone has gone to KL to watch the biggest and most important football match tonight. I heard that even Pak Cik Tukang Urut from near Tanah Merah also went down because the football fever is very great here in Kelantan. Moreover, the Kelantan people all come together when it comes to football.

My son also went and SMS me at 4 pm as he couldn't find a parking lot. Then after the game began he again SMS and I replied to him 'G'day mate'! And he replied similar. I asked him where he sat and he said he sat near the goal side for Kelantan - for the second half (near Apek).

I think football is great and even better when players and audience observe rules - no hitting, kicking, etc.

Everyone will be heading home tonight. We are expecting very heavy traffic tonight on the Gua Musang road and all roads leading home to Kelantan. It is a lovely feeling when the winning team comes home to show its trophy. I hear it is a new trophy made for this year - made in Kelantan, with Kelantan silver?

From me, a retired female footballer & football captain.

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