Monday, 26 March 2012

UKM (2)

This post contains some information from UKM 1972-1973 report which is available online at:

Some highlights of the UKM 1972 report are the following:

UKM 1972

  1. The UKM Medical Faculty was established and functioning in 1972. Its progress was reported in the UKM 1972-1973 3rd official report.
  2. There were 3 men responsible for the set up of the UKM Medical Faculty (pages 47-46). The 3 men were Dr Amir bin Abbas, Dr Abdul Hamid bin Haji Abdul Rahman and Abdul Rahim bin Omar. All 3 men received their MBBS (Malaya) from the UM Medical Faculty
  3. Dr Amir bin Abbas = MBBS (Malaya), DTMH (Liverpool), MRCP (London)
  4. Dr Abdul Hamid bin Haji Abdul Rahman = MBBS (Malaya), DA (London), FFARCS (England)
  5. Abdul Rahim bin Omar = MBBS (Malaya), MRCP (UK)
  6. Two doctors were sent for specialty training under Sekim Latihan Tenaga Pengajar. They were Dr Mohd Roslani Abdul Majid and Dr Mustaffa Embong.
  7. Dr Mohd Roslani - to pursue DCP (Pathology). Expected date of completion Oct 1972
  8. Dr Mustapha Embong - to pursue MRCP (Gastroenterology). To train at UM for 1 year 1973-74
  9. Dr Mohd Roslani went to set up the USM Medical School in Penang in 1979.
  10. Dr Mustapha Embong went to USM and practised in Endocrinology in 1984/5.
  11. The UKM Medical Faculty had shortages of medical lecturers and hired Indonesian lecturers for Anatomy (4), Physiology (2) and Biochemistry (2).
  12. Alternative places had to be found for postgraduate training of UKM new medical lecturers.
  13. Assistance was obtained in many ways, including from the Tertiary Educational Research Centre (TERC) in Sydney, NSW and the American group MUCIA Council for International Health.