Saturday, 31 March 2012

Pahang (3)

This post is about Menteri Besar Pahang (MBs of Pahang).

There are altogether 14 names of MBs of Pahang (table below). The first 11 names are unknown and there are no write-ups about them. I have acquired a few photos of Dr Mohamed bin Taib, and one was with then MB of Pahang, Yayha Mohd Seth (May 1964-Aug 1972). I don't know whether it is him or his brother  (Ghazali Seth) in one photo. The Seth family is from Johor.

List of Menteris Besar in Wikipedia
4 men posed by Pahang River (?) circa 1964-1972. 2nd left is Dr Mohamed bin Taib.
One of them is MB of Pahang, Yahya Seth (2nd right?).
Who are the 2 others at extreme left and right?  Photo belongs to the family of Dr Mohamed bin Taib, Pahang.
Ghazali Seth