Saturday, 24 December 2011

TJ Danaraj

TJ Danaraj was a graduate of the KE VII Medical College in Singapore. He wrote many books. Some of his books are listed below.

Japanese invasion of Malaya & Singapore: memoirs of a doctor
Danaraj TJ
Form: Book

Language: English
Published: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: TJ Danaraj, 1990

Available from Yale University Library

TJ Danaraj
Medical Education in Malaysia: developments and problems
TJ Danaraj

His biography can be found in The Who's Who 1963, pages 70-71:

Morais, JV (Editor & Publisher). 1963. The Who’s Who 1963. Malaysia and Singapore.
[USM Call No: Rujukan r DS 595.5 W628]

I did not take a photo of his biography in The Who's Who 1963.