Friday, 26 August 2011

Human Rights in Patani

I was browsing for sources of Tun Mahathir for his chapter. I came across Minaq Jinggo Fotopages which had good phtoos of him. Then I saw the Palestinian photos - a lot of bloodshed there. Then I browse of other webpages and came to this Patani website.

At 1:19 am, watching these gory photos is nauseous. I can still remember the mass murder that occurred and the dead bodied were put on the truck and went somewhere. I didn't watch all of it. But I imagined the extent of all of it was very brutal. To kill Muslim men is a worry that point to religion. Take a look at the photos. It must be difficult living as a minority group in a non Muslim country, when the authorities decide what one can do or not do, when and where. 

In Malaysia, anyone is free to practise, provided they don't make too much noise etc. We have done away with fire arms (not anyone can keep a gun), firecrackers and fireworks except those allowed at sporting event and on Merdeka.

In medical school, we teach our young doctors about ethics. In schools, Malaysians are taught civic mindedness. On the global scene, the UN and WHO talk about equity access to health and education for all but I don't see that happening in the case of Patani. Patani is a Malay land according to history, even their food is like northern Malaysian food (makanan orang utara). Why have they suffered such a bad fate? There were may bright Muslim scholars in Patani but why do the Patani people suffer so much today? What went wrong in our Malay history that our brethrens in Patani are suffering today? Are the Malays a dangerous lot? No, never, I don't think so.