Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Chapters in TEMD

These research was begun in November 2002 and has lasted till today. There were altogether 52 early Malay doctors between 1910 and 1957, inclusive. These doctors included medical doctors, dentists and homeopathy doctors. Most of the medical doctors had received their medical education at the King Edward VII Medical College in Singapore, before the University of Malaya was established and the medical faculty was relocated to Malaya in 1960. A few other medical doctors had studied medicine at the University of Hong Kong, not of their want, but they were stranded in Hong Kong due to the outbreak of the Second World War in 1941. The dentists graduated from the King Edward Dental College and from the University of Melbourne. The homeopathy doctors graduated from India and Singapore but the programme was in German. The German Consulate-General office was opened in Singapore in 1892, so homeopathy was the in-thing there then, and the British-backed Federated Malay States Government Medical Institution was not opened till much later, in 1905. All our doctors returned to Singapore and Malaya to serve upon graduation. Some went on to further their studies when the Queen's Scholarship was made available to  very bright Malays. From my research on this topic, I would conclude that all the early Malay doctors were  highky disciplined and the best doctors British Malaya and the Federation of Malaya ever had. They were highly respected by their respective societies. They were the hallmark of Malay endeavours in medicine. May we always remember them all.

Inclusion criteriaCorrect name & identity of doctor
Some amount of biography (limit max. 10 A4-pages)
Citation available in published records/literature
Portrait photograph available (other photos are a bonus)
Contact person available

Exclusion criteriaName is uncertain
Identity is uncertain
No portrait or photo for positive identification
No biography
No contact person, relatives, friends or alumni

These chapters are ready for submission
These chapters are ordered according to the doctors' date of graduation. In this way chronology becomes evident as one reads beginning with the first chapter on the list, to the last chapter on the list. If they are ordered alphabetically, then nobody knows which one should come first and chronology is lost.
1.   Dr Abdul Latiff
2.   Dr Pandak Ahmad Alang Sidin
3.   Dr Mohamed Ibrahim
4.   Dr HS Moonshi
5.   Dr SM Baboo
6.   Dr Ismail Ghows
7.   Dr KM Ariff
8.   Dr Hamzah Taib
9.   Dr Husin bin Mohamed Ibrahim
10. (Dr Abdul Wahab Khan bin Mohamed Lal Khan) - still to add info/photos from Rahmat
11. (Dr Mustapha Osman) - no family contact; MMA has helped
12. (Dr Ali Othman Merican) - to separate into 3 chapters
13. Dr Che Lah bin Md Joonos
14. Dr Megat Khas bin Megat Omar
15. Dr Mohamed Said bin Mohamed
16. Dr Awang bin Hassan
17. Dr Mohamed bin Mohamed Ibrahim
18. Dr(H) Amir Burhanuddin Al-Helmy
19. (Dr Abdul Karim bin Nawab Din) - there is new info from Singapore
20. Dr Mohamed Din bin Ahmad
21. Dr Sulaiman bin Mohd Attas
22. Dr Abdullah bin Ahmad
23. Dr Nuruddin bin Mohd Salleh
24. Dr Mohamed bin Taib
25. (Dr Latifah Bee Ghows) - re-do chapter after splitting biographies
26. (Dr Ismail bin Abdul Rahman) - to wait for response from Tawfik
27. (Dr Salma bte Ismail) - short biography; try get more info from Dato Zakiah's husband
28. Dr Abdul Wahab bin Mohamed Ariff
29. Dr Abdul Aziz bin Omar - short bio; no family response from Qatar or Tumpat
30. Dr Omar bin Din - short bio; wife still alive; no family contact; have contacts from alumni
31. Dr Abdul Majid bin Ismail
32. Dr Syed Mohamed Alwi Alhady - short bio; no family contact
33. (Dr Abu Bakar bin Ibrahim) - need to redo & add info after splitting biographies
34. Dr Syed Mahmood bin Syed Hussain Jamalullail - short bio
35. Dr Carleel Merican - re-do after splitting chapter into 3
36. Dr Mohamed Noor bin Marahakim
37. Dr Ruby Abdul Majeed - brief bio
38. Dr Ezanee Merican
39. Dr(H) Mohammad Noor bin Nordin
40. Dr Ariffin bin Ngah Marzuki
41. (Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad) - to add his recent book title; need old & new photos
42. Dr Siti Hasmah bt Mohd Ali - need wedding & family photos
43. Dr Raja Ahmad Noordin bin Raja Shahbuddin
44. Dr Ungku Omar bin Ungku Ahmad

KIV these chapters
Search will continue for these early Malay doctors.
1.  Dr Abbas bin Alias (reason - too short, insufficient material for complete biography)
2.  Dr Samsudim Cassim (reason - no family contact; biography is already in a published book)
3.  Dr Abdul Samat bin Pagak (reason - no family contact; no biography)
4.  Dr Nizamnuddin bin Ahmad (reason - no family contact; no biography)
5.  Dr Abdul Ghani bin Mohammed (reason - already SMS but no response; no biography)
6.  Dr Salleh Mohamed (Johor) (reason - no family contact (his children are in KL; no biography)
7.  Dr Syed Mahmood bin Abdul Rahman Alkuds
8.  Dr Kandati bin Seka